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AIR and their CS for All Teachers community announce two new commitments for #CSforALL!

The American Institutes for Research and their CS for All Teachers community announced two new commitments today as part of the second annual CSforALL Summit: (1) The first commitment will be to expand our successful cohort of community ambassadors from six to ten teacher leaders. (2) The second will be to launch a new research collaborative of organizations and program providers who support teachers of computer science virtually.

"We are excited to support more teacher leaders as community ambassadors in taking ownership of and leadership in the community. We know that teachers value most the resources and ideas shared by their peers," said Dr. Melissa Rasberry, Principal Investigator for CS for All Teachers. "Our team is eager to learn more about how teachers of CS can be supported virtually through not only through our community but also other CS teacher professional development programs and platforms," said Dr. Joseph P. Wilson, co-Principal Investigator for CS for All Teachers.

The CSforALL Summit is an annual gathering of more than 400 stakeholders, including educators, school districts, and representatives from government, industry, higher education, and the nonprofit sector. This year’s conference was held on the campus of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

“There will be more than 200 commitments made to the CSforALL movement this year at the Summit,” said Ruthe Farmer, chief evangelist, CSforALL. “It’s organizations like AIR and their CS for All Teachers community that are making high-quality computer science an integral part of the educational experience for students of all abilities.”

Commitments all center on addressing equity for underrepresented students, computer science accessibility for students with disabilities, cybersecurity education, and evidence-based computer science education pathways.

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