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The CS10K Community Blog: Call for Submissions

In 2013, we launched the CS10K blog. The blog is an opportunity to encourage editorial commentary as well as collegial and constructive debate about the issues that most influence the health and growth of the nation’s pool of computer science educators and students prepared to pursue computing careers.

If you are interested in contributing a blog post to the CS10K Community website, please review the guidelines below. Posts may be submitted for consideration as an email attachment in Microsoft Word format to our general CS10K Community inbox: When emailing posts, include “CS10K Blog Post Submission” in the subject field.



Who is the primary audience for the blog?

The primary audience for the blog is current and future teachers of the ECS and CSP courses. An immediate goal of the CS10K initiative is to connect ECS and CSP educators with each other and the larger computer science education community.

What topics should the blog address?

Blog posts may highlight a broad range of perspectives, questions, topics, issues, and concerns related to computer science education and the ECS and CSP curricula. Submissions may address recent news and events, broadening participation in computing, policy debates and changes, labor market demands, funding opportunities, recently released instructional tools and publications, as well as promising instructional and professional development programs and practices. First-person accounts of professional experiences, opinions, thought-provoking ideas and the like are also acceptable and especially appreciated.

Who is eligible to submit a blog post?

Anyone with a vested interest in promoting computer science education for all students, encouraging pathways to careers in computing and/or the preparation and professional development of computer science teachers are welcome to submit a blog post.

How long should my submission be?

Ideally, submissions should be between 300 and 750 words, but may extend beyond these limits in certain circumstances. Longer, more substantial submissions may be broken into smaller segments. For instance, a lengthier editorial piece may be repurposed as several blog posts on the same topic. In this case, segments should be treated as independent posts. This means that each post should have a clear introduction and conclusion and should be able to stand on its own. Remember that a goal of blogging is to initiate conversation; lengthy submissions may impede reader engagement.

How should I write my submission?

Write in an informal, provocative and engaging conversational style, as opposed to a technical, academic or journalistic style. In crafting your submission, consider that an important goal of blogging is to generate discussion—encouraging questions and comments from readers.

Remember these basic guidelines:

  • Length: Blog submissions should be between 300 and 750 words.
  • Style: Use a conversational style of writing, as if you’re conveying your thoughts to a colleague or friend.
  • Exclusion criteria: Blog submissions must be original, have never been published before on the Internet, and may not be published elsewhere online in the future—unless you ask for advance permission and give proper attribution. Submissions should be apolitical and non-religious. Submissions may not market a commercial product or service. Additionally, posts should not be intentionally inflammatory, derogatory or offensive.
  • Substantiation: Even in presenting your opinion or feedback on an issue, consider providing background information, references and the facts that have led you to your opinion. Whenever appropriate, hyperlink to websites, documents, organizations, businesses, research, publications and other information that will provide the reader with context and the ability to learn more about your subject matter.
  • Dialogue: Consider posing a question or somehow inviting readers to comment on your post or engage in dialogue with you.
  • Follow-up: Once your blog is posted, you are encouraged to review and respond to comments on your post.

How soon after submitting my post will it be posted?

For the sake of keeping a timely and relevant blog, the CS10K Community will post acceptable blog submissions within 30 days. The CS10K Community reserves the right to accept or reject submissions at any time. If the CS10K Community decides to hold the post longer than 30 days for any reason, such as to ensure there is more content in a certain month, the author will be notified.

How should I format my article, and where do I send it?

Posts may be submitted for consideration as an email attachment in Microsoft Word format to our general CS10K Community inbox: When emailing posts, include “CS10K Blog Post Submission” in the subject field.