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Free online training courses for computing educators

This post is being shared on behalf of our partners at the Raspberry Pi Foundation.


Teacher working on her computer

Back in 2016, the Raspberry Pi Foundation was busy delivering face-to-face training that was proving hugely popular. On average, they would receive three applications for every available spot! Unfortunately, their delivery model was sadly limited by their geographical reach. They often got questions on Twitter from educators like: “Hey, why haven’t you run a Picademy near me yet?" and they were frustrated that they couldn’t help.

They needed a new way to support people who couldn’t get to the face-to-face offering, so they decided to create an online training program on the popular MOOC platform, FutureLearn. Fast forward three years, and they now have 14 courses that are specifically designed with the computing educator in mind.

The courses are free, last three or four weeks, and require two to three hours of time per week to complete. They are available for one month after the course officially finishes, giving teachers plenty of time to work through it at their own pace. There is also the opportunity to get an official continuing professional development (CPD) certificate by paying for the platform’s optional upgrade. Teachers would only pay for the certificate and not the content itself, which is completely open and free.

Whatever age group you teach, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has something for you. For 2nd - 6th grade teachers, they have gentle introductions to programming like Teaching Programming in Primary Schools. For teachers of 7th grade and above, they have useful courses like Scratch to Python: Moving from Block- to Text-based Programming. Then, if you teach at a high school, they have more advanced courses that you can use to inspire and stretch students like Object Oriented Programming in Python.

You can find these courses and many more on the Raspberry Pi homepage on FutureLearn: