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Postcards from Summer 2017—from Baltimore to Korea!

Fall may have officially arrived, but it still feels like summer for some of us (even here in the northeast). So we wanted to look back at our summer activities as part of the CS for All Teachers community. It was a busy season!

We started with CSTA in Baltimore, where the AIR team had the chance to meet some of our awesome members and introduce others to our virtual community. That week alone, we added nearly 100 new members to the community! (To put things in perspective, we normally add about 12 per week.) We had some help from members attending the conference, but our team was also "woman-ing" the CS for All Teachers table in the exhibit hall like champs. 

Just a week later, AIR had the honor of hosting a delegation of educators from Korea in its Washington, D.C., office during a visit coordinated by Meridian International Center. The Korean teachers and administrators talked with our CS for All Teachers principal investigator Melissa Rasberry and web team member Maria Payri about computer science education in the U.S. as well as the support provided to PreK-12 teachers through the CS for All Teachers virtual community. We hope that this opportunity to share best practices will assist the Korean educators in promoting computer science in their home country. 

Finally, AIR co-sponsored a panel with the Microsoft Innovation and Policy Center, where Melissa Rasberry and fellow panelists Cameron Wilson of and Jennifer Smith from Digital Harbor High School explored ways to build a computer science pipeline with high-quality teachers. This is currently a challenge for many states and districts, as few higher education institutions have preservice teacher preparation programs in computer science. In 2015, only 51 college graduates in the U.S. received an initial teacher certification in computer science. To catch up on the full stream of the event, click on this link