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WEBINAR: AP CS Principles – Algorithms and Abstractions in the Create Performance Task

The AP exam for Computer Science Principles has two components – a multiple choice exam (70 questions) taken at the end of the year and two through-course assessments, called performance tasks.

The Create Performance Task requires students to write a program and reflect upon its development. This performance task is programming language agnostic, meaning a student can create a program in the language of their choosing. Additionally, students must create a video of the program running and write a reflection, focused on what the program does and how they developed it. Some of the hardest writing pieces are reflecting on the algorithms implemented and abstractions used to create the programs.

In this webinar, we have invited three classroom teachers (Jill Westerlund, Chinma Uche, and Fred Major) who are considered experts at the Create performance task. Besides their day-to-day teaching, they are leaders in training other teachers on how to teach AP CSP and grade student work.

In May 2017, College Board conducted the first AP CS Principles exam across the nation in many high schools. AP CS Principles is the new course that was launched by College Board in high schools across the US during the year 2016 – 2017. Students took the 1st AP exam in May.

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To access the recording of this webinar, please click here.