Using E-Textiles in the classroom

Last year, the Exploring Computer Science team put together an e-textiles unit as an alternative to Unit 6 robotics, in which students complete projects using clothing, accessories, or home furnishings to embed electronics and computational elements. The unit was design focused, hands-on, and integrative—a perfect combination for engaging your students! On Wednesday, February 20 at 7:30pm ET, we heard from a teacher who taught this unit and learned more about successes, challenges, teaching tips, and project ideas for e-textiles. Click here to access the recording. See slides below.

What is the role of robotics in Computer Science classrooms in 2019?

We were excited to explore the state of robotics education in the K-12 classroom. What is available for robotics hardware? Programming language support? Professional development for teachers? Curricula and grade-level appropriate materials? On Tuesday, February 19 at 7:30 pm ET, our webinar host Neil Plotnick talked with the following guests to learn more on where we are with robotics in the CS classroom: Elizabeth Kiken of Dexter Industries [They feature robots based on the Raspberry Pi and micro:bit controller] Bambi Brewer of Birdbrain Technologies [Their robots include the Finch and Hummingbird kit]. Click here to access the recording. See slides below.   In addition, we would like to share this list of useful resources from our presenters: Dexter Industries Curriculum: Mars Rover 3D Printing and Design Really Cool Things: GiggleBot: Jousting robots GoPiGo: an animated Camel for a school play Click here to watch a video of a group of elementary students using the GiggleBot as a pacer for a student who has prosthetic legs, trying to pace him to increase his speed. Lessons: Stories from Code Coding Nonfiction Text Structures Character Traits Robot Zoo Integer Operations on a Number Line Integer Operations GiggleBot Explorers GoPiGo Mars Rovers Westward Expansion Game Free Teacher Trial: Click here to subscribe to the teacher trial. It is the best way for teachers to try the robot out in their classroom.   BirdBrain Technologies Device Portal: Find out which programming languages and learning materials are available for the Hummingbird and Finch for every combination of device and operating system. Click here. Hummingbird Projects: Click here to see applications of the Hummingbird across the curriculum. Professional Development: Find out about upcoming workshops here. Finch Loan Program: Borrow a flock of Finches for free! Click here. For a 30-day loan to evaluate the Hummingbird or Finch, please contact us here!

Counselors for Computing: Collaborating for CS Equity and Access

Did you know some of your greatest allies in advocating for computer science (CS) might work right alongside you every day? CS educators across the nation are finding that collaborating with their school counselors yields positive results in directing students to viable education and career opportunities. On January 8 at 7pm ET, we held a webinar with Counselors for Computing (C4C) from NCWIT and discovered key strategies for creating a positive partnership with your counselors for CS advocacy in your school. Click here to access the recording. Click here for the recording with captions. See slides below.  

Learning from Home: Online Professional Learning for Teachers of CS

Have you attended a face-to-face workshop and gotten hooked on computational thinking? Are you looking for ways to extend your knowledge in computer science education but don’t know where to start? On Tuesday, November 27 at 7:30pm ET, representatives at the College of St. Scholastica and WeTeachCS talked about virtual learning opportunities available to teachers. From a full certificate program to self-paced courses, there’s something for all teachers. Click here to access the recording. Click here for the recording with captions. See slides below.  

#CSK8 Twitter Chat: Emphasizing Creativity during #CSEdWeek/#HourofCode

(CS for All Teachers is a guest supporter of the #CSK8 Twitter chat this week!) We would be thankful if you join us on “Thanksgiving Eve” (or just Wednesday if you’re not in the US), 11/21, at 5pm PT/8pm ET for #csk8 chat. We will be talking about Emphasizing Creativity During #CSEdWeek / #HourofCode & Beyond! #CSforAll #tynkerchat #elemcode To join or follow, check out #CSK8 on Twitter on 11/21/2018 at 8:00PM ET/5:00PM PT.    

This is Computer Science?!! Another “Add-in” or Already There?

Is it possible to teach the fundamentals of computer science (CS) to your elementary students and not know them yourself? Probably! Regardless of whether your school has a 1:1 device initiative or none:1, this engaging webinar was designed specifically for elementary teachers. The focus of this webinar was on integrating CS with math using “unplugged” activities. This webinar was held on November 8, 2018 at 7:30pm ET.   Click here to access the recording. Click here for the recording with captions. See slides below.  

Champions of Computer Science Awards Deadline!

In celebration of the 2018 Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and are pleased to present the second annual Champions of Computer Science Awards! They will be celebrating students, teachers, schools, districts, and organizations who’ve achieved something outstanding in CS education this year. If you know someone who’s achieved something outstanding in computer science education this past year, tell them about it at! You can also scroll down the page to see last year’s winners.  Nominations are open through November 2. Winners will be awarded a trip to Seattle for the CSEdWeek Kickoff event, and will be recognized onstage.

ECS v8 & What’s New in the World of CS Education

Are you teaching Exploring Computer Science (ECS) this year? Did you know version 8 was released summer 2018? This webinar was held on Tuesday, October 23 at 7:30pm ET with Don Yanek and one of the ECS team members who helped to develop modifications for the Unit 4/Scratch lessons. He shared some ideas behind the lessons, practices we want students to be engaged in, and skills they can apply. This opportunity focused on improving ECS instruction. Click here to access the recording. Click here for the recording with captions. See slides below.