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Stanford Offers Logic Teacher PD

Stanford offers Logic Teacher PD Deadline April 30th, Apply Now! Learn to teach Stanford’s IntroLogic in High Schools July 8 to July 12, 2019 http://intrologic.stanford.edu/teachercampA free Stanford-developed curriculum that can be taught as a standalone course or embedded in a course. Suitable for grades 9-12. The course addresses the Data and Analysis & Algorithms and Programming concepts in the CSTA Teaching Framework. The course has been approved for “g” credit in California schools. Logic is to Computer Science as Calculus is to Physics. So far, this essential mathematical training is not available to programmers being trained in high schools. The course is well-tested as it has been taught at Stanford University for over twenty years, and it is now offered as a MOOC that has attracted over 500,000 enrolled students. The topics covered include propositional logic, relational logic, deduction, and proofs. Who:Computer Sciences and Math Teachers who have knowledge of symbolic manipulation as taught in Algebra and comfort with sets, relations, and functions When:July 8 – July 12, 2019 Where:Gates Computer Science Building Stanford University Cost:The tuition for the course is $750. This does not include any travel or lodging expenses. Wherever support is not available through the school district, we are offering a limited number of tuition scholarships to deserving teachers. To apply write to the email address given below. Deadline April 30th, Apply Now! Department of Computer Science300 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA, 94305intrologic@lists.stanford.edu  

CS Books for Students

This time of year, most states start their annual round of student tests. Here in Texas, we have the STAAR test next week.

Bach-lash: Machine Learning and Music

  This Slate article about the Bach-lash over the recent Google Doodle has so many interesting ideas for students to discuss in regards to Artificial Intelligence. 

What is on your Teacher's Bookshelf?

I am guessing you are like me and have a stack of books you are planning on reading over Spring Break.