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End of School Year in the CS Classroom

As the school year comes to an end, and students begin to get wiggly and anxious, what is your favorite activity? Do you have a lovely End of Year activity that helps students reflect on CS concepts or Computational Thinking that they have learned through the year?

Version 3.0 Unit 6 Python Files?

Question Description We are utilizing the Version 3.0 Unit 6: Computing Applications as an introduction to Python for students to have a better foundation when using the Python language with the Edison robots.

Why are the assessments posted on line

Question Description Https://  author Jeffery cook has part of the multistep ECS Intro to Computer Applications on line. I thought this information was not accessible to public, unless part of the community.

Code, Create, and Connect with Ozobots!

Have you been thinking about introducing robots to your elementary students? Unsure what they can do? Check out this quick presentation by CS for All Teachers community ambassador, Linda Sweeting, as she demonstrates the fun and excitement of the Ozobot for the K-5 classroom.

Recruitment Video

Question Description This year after the AP Exam I decided to assign a video project for my students.  The assignment is to create a recruitment video for computer science.  Have any one else done this and do you possibly have a rubric that you used to evaluate the project?

Webinar Archive

Question Description Is there an archive of past webinars? 

finding a webinar

Question Description HOw do I access the recording of the webinar from April 25 on Big data

End of the Year Projects

The school year is just about over and I like to offer my students an opportunity to demonstrate what they learned in the course.  The last week of school is usually open and a good time for students to show off their creativity.

Have you used the GRID METHOD in your CS Classroom?

Hello MS World! It’s May! The end of the school year is within sites, but between now and then are probably an ocean of projects, grading, special school events, etc. to keep you on your toes. I guess we can celebrate once we’re done, right?

ESC Units

As we come close to the end of another school year, I like to survey my students to get their reactions to the various units we covered in the Exploring Computer Science course.  Because of time constraints, various testing, assemblies, etc.

Unplugged CS Activities

I am not sure how your campus or state handles testing, but on my campus, we have internet sanctions the week of testing to preserve all bandwidth for any student online testing. For half the week, we will have regular class rotations but not computers!