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Version 3.0 Unit 6 Python Files?

Question Description We are utilizing the Version 3.0 Unit 6: Computing Applications as an introduction to Python for students to have a better foundation when using the Python language with the Edison robots.

Teaching Privacy Curriculum

The Teaching Privacy curriculum from the International Computer Science Institute and UC Berkeley has a full set of freely-available, classroom-tested lesson plans for teaching about how online privacy works.

Why are the assessments posted on line

Question Description Https://  author Jeffery cook has part of the multistep ECS Intro to Computer Applications on line. I thought this information was not accessible to public, unless part of the community.

Recruitment Video

Question Description This year after the AP Exam I decided to assign a video project for my students.  The assignment is to create a recruitment video for computer science.  Have any one else done this and do you possibly have a rubric that you used to evaluate the project?

Candy Hearts Coding (standards included)

Tynker has a free "Conversation Heart" coding activity. Check out the resource in our Elementary Community. This particular exercise can be approached from a variety of academic angles:

Webinar Archive

Question Description Is there an archive of past webinars? 

finding a webinar

Question Description HOw do I access the recording of the webinar from April 25 on Big data

CS on Valentine’s Day

Every day we are looking for ways to manage time while continuing to embrace the fun that we remembered as kids.  One of my favorite school days (even now) is Valentine's Day.  I LOVED making hearts for my Valentine's Day bag, exchanging cards wit

E-Textiles Unit

I'm about to start the E-Textiles unit for Exploring Computer Science in the next couple of weeks.  This is the curriculum I used to replace the Robotics unit since my school did not have access to robots at the time.