Partners Page

 AIR’s technical support partner for CS For All Teachers is Squishymedia, a web and application design + development firm specializing in work for the public sector. Squishymedia’s efforts focus on maintaining the technical web infrastructure for CS For All Teachers, with a particular focus on making the site as useful as possible for the community.


SRI Education is partnering with AIR and its CS for All Teachers community to advance both CS education research and CS teaching practice. SRI Education researchers are developing dynamic assessments, delivered online, that measure the hard-to-assess, complex computational thinking practices taught in the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) curriculum. Through Principled Assessment of Computational Thinking (PACT), SRI Education leverages the CS for All Teachers community to: (1) adapt, deliver, and collect scores for online assessments for ECS, and empirically validate the measurement qualities of the assessments, (2) facilitate a focused inquiry group of teachers who examine and share how best to measure student learning in computer science, and (3) extend assessment work to include methods for improving instructional decision-making.