AP CS Principles is the new high school computer science course recently launched by the College Board. It is so new that the first set of students took the exam this past May! The AP exam is more than just an end-of-course test, which includes 70 multiple choice questions; the AP exam also includes a through-course assessment in which students upload digital artifacts and written response to questions. One of the two through-course assessments is the Explore Performance Task, in which students have to research a computing innovation.

In the webinar that was held on Tuesday, November 28, we discussed computing innovations that might be good topic ideas for the Explore Performance Task. On the webinar, we had two distinguished guests:

  • Justin Canady is a former AP CS Principles teacher and an AP Reader. He currently is a curriculum specialist for UTeach CS run through the University of Texas, Austin.
  • Dr. Jeff Gray is a professor in computer science at the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Dr. Gray has been teaching a college level CS Principles course since its inception and offers professional development for teachers in CS Principles.

Through this webinar, we hoped to illuminate some cutting-edge computing innovations for the Explore Performance Task and to help students create responses that are rich in detail and provide opportunities that satisfy their curiosity.

Links to Resources from the Webinar: