CS for All Teachers is launching its first cohort of community ambassadors to lead engagement activities within the virtual community of practice (CoP). To implement an effective and sustainable virtual CoP, establishing a system of strong community facilitation and leadership, driven by member needs and interests, is critical. Over the past three years, the CS for All Teachers support team at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) has tapped into the short-term leadership of nearly 100 teachers, researchers, and CS advocates to facilitate small groups, host webinars, lead Twitter chats, and answer questions within the community. 

As we move into our next phase of work, the AIR team plans to systematize that involvement and cultivate an inaugural corps of leaders to serve as community ambassadors. These individuals will act as our advisory board, providing input and guidance on the interests and needs of PK–12 teachers, and will take on various leadership duties within the community. Together, we will identify challenges, areas for professional development, and gaps in the knowledge base to determine the engagement activities. 

The AIR team will offer ongoing support and professional development to the community ambassadors during monthly planning webinars to ensure they are prepared to take on these leadership tasks, which will include:

* Serving as a virtual facilitator for one of the community’s discussion groups, 
* Organizing and hosting two webinars for community members over the course of the year, 
* Writing blog posts about content related to the webinars, 
* Promoting community activities through various social media channels, 
* Providing feedback to the AIR team, and
* Serving as a face-to-face ambassador for CS for All Teachers when opportunity arises.

A stipend will be provided in exchange for the community ambassadors’ leadership. If you are interested in applying, please submit your application via this Google form no later than Friday, September 8 at 5pm ET.

Have questions? Contact us at csforallteachers@air.org.