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Celebrate Computer Science Education Week

In case you haven’t heard, it is Computer Science Education Week! During this week we celebrate the birthday of computing pioneer Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, who was born on December 9, 1906. Laurie Wallmark wrote a wonderful picture book about Grace Hopper that you may want to add to your school library or classroom collection. This site has some great activities and guiding questions to use with the book.

Picture book

You can host an Hour of Code during CSEd week, or any week during the year that you would like. The Hour of Code website includes over three hundred activities for all ages. You can sort activities by grade level, by topic, and even by the classroom technology you have available. This is a great way to discover new resources that your students may enjoy throughout the year, including:

Even if you do not have access to technology, there are many great unplugged activities available. Here are a couple of examples: and




Sorting Networks Unplugged Activity 
Image Source


If you work with students who have special needs, here is a great resource to help support them:

If you live near an Apple store, students (and teachers!) with an interest in computer science can participate in free events at Apple stores during the week. See for more information.


How do you and your students celebrate CS Ed Week?

Don’t forget to participate in our photo challenge! Post a photo of your students participating in CS Ed Week on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #CSEdWeek2018Photos. You can also submit your photos here. Please secure parental permission for those featured in your photo before posting.

Jenn Vermillion is the Director of Innovative Learning at St. Catherine’s School, an independent school for girls age 3 through grade 12 in Richmond, VA. She teaches an introduction to computer science course for students in grades 9-12 and an 8th grade Creative Technologies course. She also coaches a 4th grade Robotics team and coordinates school-wide professional development. Jenn welcomes your comments and questions at