Check out the webinars we have scheduled for the month of January! Details for joining can be found on the events calendar pages linked below:

One of the big challenges facing CS educators is a lack of assessments. It can be difficult to develop tests and difficult to find time to grade them. This webinar went over strategies for inventing test questions, some tools for grading student work, and some existing sets of assessments. It used examples from Scratch, but the lessons and resources apply across programming languages as well as to less programming-focused courses.

SRI Education, developers of the ECS assessments, have offered support via two webinars for the scoring of these assessments. In Part 1, the SRI assessment team gave an overview of the scoring guidelines and rubrics with examples from ECS units 1-3. For units 1-2, the focus was on tasks that have changed since last year, while for unit 3 an overview of scoring was provided for each task. In Part 2, the focus was scoring of ECS unit 4 and the cumulative assessment.

To access the assessments and scoring rubrics, you must be a member of CS for All Teachers and its ECS Open Group. Visit the group by clicking on the hyperlink and then “subscribe” to join. Look for the resource, entitled “ECS Assessments - Download.” If you do not first join the ECS Open Group, you will receive an “access denied” message. Follow directions on that page to access the materials.

As students build their problem solving and computational skills over the course of the year, the expectation is that they will engage in the computational practices of designing and implementing computational artifacts plus analysis of computational work. In this webinar, we focused on examples of student work that can be used to highlight design, implementation, and analysis and ways in which collaboration and communication support these practices.