The National Science Foundation (NSF) has long been committed to broadening participation and education in computer science. NSF’s CS10K effort helped to lay the foundation for the White House’s announcement of the Computer Science for All (CS for All) Initiative in 2016. With CS for All, NSF committed to spending $120 million over the next five years on research on the teaching and learning of computing, with an emphasis on partnerships that develop and improve teacher professional development to ensure all students receive high-quality instruction in computer science.

To be consistent with this larger initiative and NSF’s role in it, the American Institutes for Research (AIR)—which manages and supports this website—rebranded our efforts from the CS10K Community to CS for All Teachers, a moniker befitting the widespread equity and access to computer science education that we all hope to achieve. Activities and engagement in the CS for All Teachers virtual community will remain the same. AIR staff will continue to work with our large cadre of high school teachers of the Exploring Computer Science (ECS) and Computer Science Principles (CSP) courses, while expanding our offerings for PreK-8 teachers.

Our website domain will change (though the old site will continue to redirect you for some time) as will our Twitter handle (@CSforAllTchrs) and logo, plus most website references to the CS10K Community. We remain committed, however, to providing you the same great webinars, Twitter chats, curated content, blogs, and discussion threads as we always have.

AIR is excited to join with NSF in this important endeavor. We look forward to building an even better virtual community of practice and embrace the challenge to achieve CS for All!