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"Homework" from last night's meeting

Thanks for a great meeting last night. Because the hour goes so fast and we only have the chance to get together synchronously every other week, we discussed the need to begin working together within the community site as well. These are the tasks I suggested we each undertake in the faciltiators group between now and our next meeting: 

  1. Sign up for a leadership group
  2. Discuss usability test results - What should be the priorities for further development? (You can do this through comments on Lauren's posting with the results write up or through commenting inline and adding as a new resource, as Gail did. I've just added the ability to attach files to comments to the new features wish list.) 
  3. Discuss learning agenda - What are initial learning events and resources we want to support the facilitators group? (Same deal here.) 
  4. Refine facilitation plans - Start a new discussion about one planned activity from your plan you'd like to think through with the group or would like to link up with what others are doing. Also, have a look at the combined facilitation plan (which will be updated as more come in - there are two individual plans I've received that aren't reflected in the current verison) and comment on possible points of connection, ways you could help each other out, etc. 

Gail's gotten us started on #4 with some questions about how the ECS curriculum should be represented and what should go on the overall ECS page. ECS folks, please discuss! 

Also, as you're beginning to actively use the site, please use the Feedback tab to flag stuff you think needs to be improved in the site design. I know I'm coming on things I think could get better pretty much everytime I logon. The more we can capture about the actually experience of using the site for authentic interaction alongside the usability testing, the more quickly we'll be able to improve it.