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WEBINAR - CSP And Other CS PD Summer Opportunities: How Do You Pick One That Works For You?

In the 2016-2017 school year, College Board released a new computer science (CS) course called AP CS Principles. This course changed the landscape of computer science education. To teach the course effectively, many stakeholders – from universities to non-profits to industry experts - sought to create curricula that teachers could use.

This summer, many of these curriculum providers are providing professional development for teachers of CS, including UTeachCSCodeHSMobile CSPBeauty & Joy of Computing (BJC), and CS Matters, to name a few. Most of these workshops pay for the teacher to travel and include some also provide a stipend for their time. With all these options, how do you pick one that works for you?

In this webinar on Monday 6/4/2018 @ 7:30PM ET, we have invited two expert PD providers – Carol Fletcher of WeTeach CS and Brooke Osborne of – to share their thoughts and insights with us. These experts have focused on how to best train teachers so that they can successfully teach AP CS Principles and prepare their students for the AP Exam. To join the webinar, head over to our event page.