Webinar Recording: The webinar was hosted on Tuesday, February 13th from 7:30-8:30PM ET (4:30-5:30PM PT). Access the recording here. (Please note that there are a few audio issues in the first 10minutes that we are working on!)

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are rapidly growing technologies that have peaked the interest of many around the world, including students and educators. From birds eye simulators to augmented reality museums, the technology has developed to a point where individuals can even access it right on their phones.  But with the access to various examples of VR and AR technology available for use, questions are raised on how to best use these resources in the classroom:  Are they solely meant for engagement and support to an already designed lesson or can they be the lesson on their own?  Will VR and AR become the next “fad” to hit education, or are they here to stay?  What are the technical and financial restrains that may limit access to this content in the classroom?    

Hosted by our own CS in the Wild moderator, Donald Saint-Germain, this webinar will discuss the potential of VR and AR in the classroom, educator practices from early adopters to experts in the field, and suggestions for how to connect the technologies to CS concepts and beyond. This webinar will feature four panelists who each provide their own unique perspective and experiences in regards to VR and AR.

Jordan Budisantoso. A founding computer science teacher at the Washington Leadership Academy,  Jordan has experience in teaching VR and connecting it to other CS concepts, including AP Computer Science Principles. Washington Leadership Academy is also one of ten winners of the XQ Super School Prize.

Amy Demarco. A co-owner of Aquila Education and former NYCDOE teacher and administrator, Amy develops partnerships with initiatives like Google Expeditions and VR for Education. Amy will share her thinking on good practices for integrating technology into the classroom in an immersive learning environment.

Lusmaia Diaz. A project manager at Facebook’s TechStart. Lusmaia works to connect high school students to approachable computer experiences so that any student has the potential to be a part of the computer science and technology fields.

Hassan Karaouni. An engineering manager from Facebook, Hassan brings extensive experience on VR and AR product development.  


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