In June 2017, the CollegeBoard held the first reading for the AP Computer Science Principles exam. As part of the assessment, there are two Performance Tasks. In an earlier webinar (recording and resources there), we discussed the Explore Task. In this months webinar we will discuss the Create Performance Task - specifically focusing on the Algorithms and Abstraction pieces of the task. You will hear from three high school computer science teachers - Chinma Uche (Greater Hartford Academy of Math and Science), Jill Westerlund (Hoover High School), Fred Major (Mountain Brook High School) -  who will share some tips on how to prepare your students for the Create Performance.

The webinar was held on March 15, 2018 from 7:30pm (ET) to 8:30pm (ET) / 4:30PM (PT) to 5:30PM (PT). To listen to the recording of the webinar, please use this link.