Starting CS in an Elementary Classroom - A Slow Chat Treasure Hunt

Join us from June 17 through June 21 for a "slow" Twitter chat with Linda Sweeting! Linda will ask a question each day throughout the week on the how's and why's of adding CS into your elementary classroom. We will share ideas for overcoming hurdles, the reasoning for adding CS, as well as share stories and resources in order to help fellow elementary teachers integrate CS into their school day. Please use #CSforAllTeachers in your Tweets to join the conversation.  

Celebrate CS, Come On!

Getting CS up and running in your classroom. Twitter Chat, Monday, June 17th. Format to be determined.  Stay tuned! :)  

Slow Twitter Chat: Closing the Gender Gap #CSforAllTeachers

How can we ensure that our female students see computer science as a relevant and engaging field? How do we overcome bias in the media and encourage our female students to persist through challenge? Join us using #CSforAllTeachers on Twitter to explore these questions as we work to close the gender gap in computer science throughout the week of June 10th, 2019. This will be a "slow" Twitter chat, so we will ask a question each day throughout this week.  

Boston Scratch Educator Meetup

Join local K–12 educators at a ScratchEd Meetup to play, learn, and connect around teaching with Scratch. Scratch is a free online programming tool through which students can creatively explore computer science concepts by creating interactive media (like stories, games, animations, and simulations) and sharing those creations with others online. The Scratch Online Community is used by millions of young people all around the world. Join us for food, fun, and community. No coding experience necessary! Free parking in the rear of the building.   RSVP:

Incorporating AI into K-12 CS

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is everywhere, and whether through Siri, Alexa, or bots that spam social media and gaming accounts, our students are constantly interacting with AI. How do we, ask K-8 CS teachers, teach our students about AI? What are the big ideas to teach? How can we incorporate AI into our classroom? On Thursday May 30 at 4:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Eastern, we held a webinar with David Touretzky, Chair of AI4K12 and CS Research Professor at Carnegie Mellon, who shed some light on these questions. We also heard from classroom teachers who shared some practical ways to incorporate AI. Click here to access the recording. See slides below.

Strengthening your local CS Community

Teaching computer science, like life, wasn’t meant to be done in isolation! The collegial relationships you build in your local area can provide you a wealth of ideas, resources, and shoulders to lean on. In this webinar on Wednesday May 22 at 4:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Eastern, we learned practical steps from Jake Baskin, the Executive Director of the CSTA, on the importance of a local CS community, and how to start and/or strengthen it. In addition, we heard stories from CSTA chapter leaders on what they did to improve their local CS communities. Here is a link to a resource guide provided by our host, Bobby Oommen, and our guests, Jake Baskin, Jackie Moore, and Dale Reed. Click here to access the recording. See slides below.

What's new with Kiki? Augmented Reality with Coding!

On Thursday, May 9 at 4:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Eastern, we held a webinar on what was new with Kiki Prottsman. Kiki is an author and entrepreneur, known mostly for her work with computer science, including several books: Computational Thinking and Coding for Every Student, My First Coding Book, and Disney’s Coding with Anna and Elsa. In her spare time, Kiki runs an educational YouTube channel called KikivsIT. On our webinar, Kiki shared some new activities using augmented reality handouts and stickers. Click here to access the recording. Click here for the recording with captions. See slides below. Kiki Prottsman  

Reminder: May 2, AP CSP performance task deadline!

Hello, The final deadline to submit performance tasks, indicate exam intent and enter the AP number for AP CSP is fast approaching – May 2, 11:59 p.m. ET.  If your students haven't done so already, it is highly recommended that they submit before the 2nd as in the past the Digital Portfolio website crashes the day the PTs are due because of many last minute submissions.   For support in having students review their Explore PTs,  see the infographic in the link below: