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The Elementary School Group provides a forum for teachers from PreK through grade five to discuss innovative ways to implement computer science across the curriculum. Whether you’re just getting started with teaching computer science concepts or you’re an old pro, we invite you to add resources, participate in the discussions, and get to know your colleagues here at CS for All Teachers.


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Getting Started/"Computer Science"-Kid Fr

CS Resources for Hour of Code

Hour of Code is a very exciting time for students.  We have creative projects, analytical projects, apps, as well as plugged an unplugged activities that lay the foundation for these projects!  If you haven't already begun preparations for the week of

Peeking Around the Corner: AI in the Classroom

One of my favorite things about attending tech conferences is the opportunity to engage with industry leaders in an attempt to get a glimpse into the future. At the 2018 Adobe Summit in Las Vegas, the global tech giant did not disappoint.