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Brenda Burmeister

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Best (Teaching) Tech of 2018

As 2018 comes to an end, and as some of us start to look at our holiday gift giving list, I thought this might be a good discussion.  What was your favorite techy product of 2018 and why?

Did Someone Say PRIZES??????

Enter the #CSEdWeek2018photos & your classroom could win great prizes during CSEdWeek. Between December 3-9, celebrate CS Ed Week 2018 by sharing how you are making CS a reality for all.

Administrators & Computer Science

It is obvious that administrators (and lawmakers!) more and more are seeing the value of Computer Science Education. It feels like almost daily my twitter or news feed offers me a story about a new K-12 CS program or CS in high school legislation.

CS or Technology Podcast Recommendations

What is your favorite Computer Science or technology podcast? Recommendations can be for your own enjoyment or to help you be a better teacher.  Send us ALL!