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Thanks for visiting the CSP Open Group! This group invites all who are especially interested in the new AP Computing Science Principles course. Please browse through the open content here, a rich source of material pertaining to the 7 Big Ideas and 6 Computational Thinking Practices of the CSP framework. Here you can learn about the various implementations of the framework. If you have experiences or resources to share, or if you want to bounce ideas around with others involved in CSP, please join by clicking Subscribe to group above.


Donald Saint-Germain

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Webinar - Preparing Students for the AP CSP Exam

As the May 5th exam date draws closer, Dan Garcia, Teaching Professor at UC-Berkeley, and other leaders from the AP CSP community hosted a webinar on Wednesday, April 5 at 4:30pm Pacific/7:30pm Eastern to help prepare your students for the exam. Presenters shared tips and resources, and participants had the opportunity to ask their last-minute questions.   Below are links related to this webinar: View the webinar recording here. Access additional resources here.

Webinar: Teaching the Create Performance Task in a CSP Classroom

CS for All Teachers continued our AP CS Principles webinar series by offering the next webinar in the series on December 8. During this session, we discussed the CSP Create Performance Task requirements and ways to implement the task in the classroom. Since CSP aims to be language agnostic, this was an interesting webinar as we shared strategies for helping students to be successful. Webinar host Deepa Muralidhar was joined by Brook Osborne of Code.org and Pam McClendon, a CSP teacher from Alabama. To view a recording of this webinar, click here.