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Pamela Amaya

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E-Textiles Unit

I'm about to start the E-Textiles unit for Exploring Computer Science in the next couple of weeks.  This is the curriculum I used to replace the Robotics unit since my school did not have access to robots at the time.

Spring Semester

We're in the second part of the school year and before we know it June will be here.  Have you thought about your plans for the summer?  There are so many opportunities for professional development that will increase you computer science knowledge and skills.

Computer Science - POGIL Workshop in Salt Lake City, UT 8/3/2018

POGIL is a pedagogy based on active learning which has been demonstrated to be effective in improving learning in lecture courses across STEM subjects. While POGIL activity collections exist for chemistry, biology, calculus, and computer science, educators from all disciplines are welcome! This workshop will be most appropriate to teachers who have never attended a POGIL workshop before.    If you can make the day trip to Westminster College in Salt Lake City, please come to our POGIL workshop from 9 am - 5 pm on Friday, August 3, 2018. You can register at:    See the attached flyer for more details or email Helen Hu -  

Reflecting and Planning for the New Year

I’d love to do a series of discussions prior to school starting in August/September reflect on how your year went last year and planning what you’d like to do this coming year that is similar or different.  What types of topics would