CS for All Teachers is maintained by the American Institutes for Research (AIR). Members of the AIR support team are listed in alphabetical order. Please feel free to contact us for further information. General comments and requests may be sent to CSforallTeachers@air.org.

Okori Christopher is currently a project technology specialist at AIR. He joined the CS for All Teachers team in December 2015 and supports all aspects of the website and other technology-related tasks. At AIR, he leads technology support for other projects, including the Center for Coordinated Assistance to States (CCAS), The National Technical Assistance Center for the Education of Neglected or Delinquent Children and Youth (NDTAC), and the National Resource Center Healthy Safe Children (NRC). Prior to AIR, Okori worked in different social science services, including social work and mental health. He holds a M.S. in criminal justice, specializing in juveniles, from the University of Baltimore and a B.S. in psychology from Morgan State University.


Ye (Evelyn) Deng is a research assistant at AIR. She joined the CS for All Teachers team in November 2015 and keeps the website up-to-date with events and blogs as well as supports outreach through our social media channels. At AIR, she also assists with a project that evaluates school turnaround in Massachusetts. Evelyn graduated from the University of Toronto with a focus in philosophy and psychology.


 Maria Payri is a research associate at AIR’s Center for Survey and Data Science. She supports CS for All Teachers by monitoring website maintenance and assisting with various project tasks. Her other work at AIR includes providing support to the National Household Education Survey and the Neglected and The National Technical Assistance Center for the Education of Neglected or Delinquent Children and Youth (NDTAC). Maria graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Madrid with a focus on research methods in social psychology. She also holds a graduate certificate in political psychology from The George Washington University.


Michelle Perry is a researcher at AIR. She has experience in technical assistance and training, as well as integration of web-based learning tools for both K-12 and adult education. Michelle has been working with CS for All Teachers since 2013, providing technical support and guidance to grantees within the community. Since 2015, she has also been managing the social media content and other special projects. Her other work at AIR includes supporting the Intel Teachers Engage online community of practice, taking a leadership role in OCTAE’s National Reporting System for Adult Education Support Project, and providing technical assistance to the LINCS Resource Collection. In the past, Michelle has co-authored or contributed to several documents about connected learning and professional development for K-12 educators. She has also provided technical assistance, training and research support to various youth health and education programs


Melissa A. Rasberry is a senior education consultant at AIR. She serves as the principal investigator for CS for All Teachers, providing guidance on best practices for the virtual community of practice, cultivating collaboration among myriad partners, and maintaining regular communications with representatives from the National Science Foundation. At AIR, Melissa also supports the Connected Educators/Future Ready project and several other initiatives aimed at infusing technology into teaching and learning. She holds multiple education degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, including a doctorate in educational leadership.