Hello -


There is a teacher by the name of Karen Hardy who used to be part of the open ECS Group.  She is no longer in that group and would like to be.  She said the following - What happened is when it ask for the second verification I put in my personal login forgetting that I needed to do the other one and when I tried to logout and try again it says access denied and to contact you. I have been working with SRI the past two years and they sent me the materials and I didn’t have to log in so I had forgotten the protocol. 

Could we reset her password and help her get access to the group and the SRI Assessments.  She has been teaching ECS for 5+ years and could really use our help.  She said that when she got an error it said to contact me.

I can’t add her and I don’t see any approvals from her.  All I see is that she has been moved to cs in the wild.