Unit 5 of ECS is very hard to follow. One thing I am having trouble with is understanding how to assign the final project. There are a lot of days in the curriculum set aside for collecting data for the final project but it is unclear if the students are to use the provided data sets or create their own? There is no instruction on how to have students create good survey questions, and I do not believe that is a big idea in the unit, so I am not sure how to implement this.  Should they use the provided survey questions but generate their own data? 


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Posted: 01/29/18 - 2:33pm ET by Ashley Waring

Hey Julie,
I wanted you to know that I am trying to get this question answered for you. I hope to have some information on this by tomorrow.

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Posted: 01/30/18 - 12:08pm ET by Ashley Waring

Julie- I was able to find someone who has taught Unit 5 and this was her input. I hope this is helpful! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

“I would say it is the teacher’s option to teach students to write appropriate survey questions that include varied data types. Also the teachers option on how to develop the Unit project. Whether you want students to collect data based on ideas from established data bases of big data drawing conclusions by comparing to established data sets; or have students collect data after reviewing established data bases as exemplars; or have students develop interesting questions and draw conclusions without collecting data. Kind of up to you”

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Posted: 02/21/18 - 10:54am ET by Wende Gist

I too am struggling with this unit.  The way it is written, the length and even the resources mentioned.  Is there someone to contact that is or has taught this unit?  Today I am trying to supplement with Unit 4 of AP CSP of code.org.