UTeach CS Principles

The mission of UTeach CS Principles is to address the shortage of high school Computer Science (CS) students and teachers by engaging diverse populations with authentic computer science content and student-centered instruction. There are three core components of this initiative:

  • Aligned with the College Board’s new AP Computer Science Principles curriculum.
  • A complete, year-long course designed specifically for high school classrooms.
  • A summer institute that trains in-service educators on the course content and provides a syllabus suitable for submission for the AP Course Audit.

UTeach CS Principles believes that a student-centered approach will engage students across all demographics, and make computing relevant to their lives, their personal interests, and their futures. 

UTeach CS Principles is based on the Thriving in Our Digital World curriculum, originally offered as a dual enrollment course at The University of Texas at Austin.

Project Website: http://uteachcs.org/

Principal Investigator: Calvin Lin